IT Support Services

IT Support Services

Our professional information technology consultants provide essential IT support services to multiple government and commercial clients, improving operations and delivering security, mobility and productivity.

Organizations must deliver enterprise-wide business capabilities on a regular basis and bring about strategic change. The need for better governance is the cornerstone to managing business and creating true value.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Review and Analysis
  • IT Investment Planning
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Enterprise Architecture Support
  • Information Security and Privacy Planning
  • IT Asset Management Support
  • Management Tool Development
  • IT Governance

"Mr. Whelan is an exceptional worker and a team player. He is very passionate about his work. As such, you can expect that his work will be done promptly and with exceptional quality. I am very pleased that we have such an exceptional group of people from CREW with the LTF in RC-North. Mr. Whelan is one of those exceptions and I am grateful to have him as part of our team.  Thanks!"

-- LTC Warren, U.S. Army